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'VITAMAN - Natural Men's Grooming- Styling Gel For Fine / Thinning Hair Strong but light - gives volume and texture - for men with thinning/fine hair.

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If you’re like millions of men with thin or thinning hair, the last thing you need is a hair gel which makes you self conscious.

And styling your fine or thinning hair gets harder when your hair has lost its volume. We get it - you're wondering whether people can see too much of your scalp.

So many gels on the market today are thick, greasy and sticky. They dry rock-hard then flake off like dandruff. (And smell awful!)

Imagine the perfect combination of firm and light - a natural hair styling gel which keeps your hair right where you want it all day without weighing it down.

This is the best hair styling product for men with thinning hair. It soothes your scalp and hydrates your hair from the root up, giving you volume, texture and healthier hair. And all without the stickiness, white flakes or chemical stench.

  • Firm hold but doesn’t dry hard
  • Gives your fine/thinning hair volume and texture - but doesn’t glue it together
  • Natural, healthy shine (not that 90s “wet look”)
  • Soothes your scalp with Aloe Vera and Spearmint Oil
  • No itching or dry scalp - doesn’t clog your pores
  • Nourishes fine hair by hydrating the hair shaft - not drying it out and leaving it brittle
  • Does not flake or leave you covered in powdery white residue
  • Natural Spearmint fragrance (no chemical smell)
  • Washes out easily and cleanly at the end of the day (water-soluble formula)
  • Read our reviews - our VITAMAN say this is the one of the "best hair products for fine hair"

    • Short hair - use a nickel amount of gel.
    • Medium length hair - use a quarter-sized amount.
    • Longer hair - use two quarter sized amounts
    • Rub it in between the hands, coating your palms and fingers until slightly warm.
    • Use your fingers to apply the from root to tip - work the back towards the crown of your head/nape of your neck and throughout the hair, ensuring it is well distribute

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Mushtaq Ikramullah

After 8 years living in Abu Dhabi I finally found a truly skilled men’s hair stylist. Mustafa is truly an artist when it comes to cutting and styling hair. 100% satisfied always.  


Amazing service at chelsea man spa. Mr Mustafa and his team are extremely friendly and they provide great services. Highly recommended as the best men's salon in Abu Dhabi ..

Ahmad A.

I like to purchase BBA shampoo because it is one of the best choices I tried for my hair type. On the other hand it is preferable to be taken with its conditioner to get the best results.