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Regetta Canoe sandals

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Regetta Canoe sandals have several features that set them apart from its competitors:
1- A completely Japanese product
2- Made from all natural materials
3- It was designed with medical specifications with the latest scientific methods to provide complete comfort to the sole of the foot
4- Simulates the topography of the sole of the foot
5- Works as a footpath
6- Helps to stimulate the blood circulation in the sole of the foot
7- Relieve foot pain
8- Get rid of spinal pain
9- Suitable for flat foot

10 - As a result of its manufacture from natural materials, it does not cause an unpleasant odor

[Arabic]‍ description

يتميز نعال رجيتا بمميزات عدة ينفرد بها عن منافسيه :.

١- منتج يابانى بالكامل

٢- مصنوع من مواد طبيعية بالكامل

٣- تم تصميمه بمواصفات طبية باحدث الطرق العلمية لتوفير راحة كاملة لباطن القدم

٤- يحاكى تضاريس باطن القدم

٥- يعمل كمساچ للقدم

٦- يساعد علي تنشيط الدوره الدمويه في باطن القدم

٧- تخفيف آلام القدم

٨- التخلص من آلام العمود الفقري

٩- مناسب للفلات فوت

١٠ - نتيجة لتصنيعه من مواد طبيعية فلا يسبب رائحة كريهة

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Mushtaq Ikramullah

After 8 years living in Abu Dhabi I finally found a truly skilled men’s hair stylist. Mustafa is truly an artist when it comes to cutting and styling hair. 100% satisfied always.  


Amazing service at chelsea man spa. Mr Mustafa and his team are extremely friendly and they provide great services. Highly recommended as the best men's salon in Abu Dhabi ..

Ahmad A.

I like to purchase BBA shampoo because it is one of the best choices I tried for my hair type. On the other hand it is preferable to be taken with its conditioner to get the best results.

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